[MV] GAIN, HYUNGWOO(가인, 조형우) – Brunch


Gain and Hyungwoo music video for “Brunch” is finally out. The music video was very cute where is showed a lovely and cuter side of Gain in the arms of Hyunwoo. The song was well done and the melody was cute and gives off a happy go lucky feel. Loen stated that

Gain, one of the most outstanding female solo artists in K-pop, is releasing a duet album after making hits with ‘Irreversible’ and ‘Bloom’ in a row.

Her new album [Romantic Spring] is in collaboration with Cho Hyungwoo, a contestant in MBC Star Audition ‘Great Birth’ season 1 and is produced by Cho Youngcheol. [Romantic Spring] contains springlike warm, lovely, and emotional songs just like the album title.

Title song ‘Brunch’ is an acoustic ballad song which is co-written by composer Jeong Seokwon and songwriter Kim Yina. It shows a couple’s romantic feelings when they’re falling in love and doing small things together. This romantic song is made with Gain’s dreamlike vocal, Cho Hyungwoo’s sweet voice, and the lyrical melody.

check out the music video below and tell us what you think.

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