2BiC “24 Hours Later”

Rookie group 2BiC is making their comeback with their digital single “24 hours later” or  “After 24 hours.” For those of you who do not know who 2BiC is here is a short summary. 2BiC consist of two members: Jihwan and Junhyung. They gained a lot of attention prior to their debut because they were produced by the well known producer Cho Young Soo who have produced songs for artists such as: T-ara, Lee Hyori, Lee Seung Gi, SG Wannabe and much more. Cho Young Soo also named the two artist 2BiC, which stands for “2Bi Continued,” expressing the duo’s determination to continue doing music together.  The duo have amazing vocal talent that compliments each other. 

These vocal skills can be heard in their latest single “24 hours later.”  This song is about the sorrow after a break up and being in love with someone so much that you wish them not to leave.  Jihwan and Junhyung did an amazing expressing the sorrow felt in this song. The song also fits the winter weather. Check out the video below and tell us what you think of these two amazingly talented singers.


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