KBS “Entertainment Relay” on the controversies of Big Bang’s Comeback

On KBS “Entertainment Relay”, the controversies of Big Bang’s sudden comeback and incidents from last year were brought up along with very suitable statements.

With the recent news of Big Bang’s new comeback, a lot of heated reviews have been made. Especially with the public appearance both Daesung and G-Dragon made asking for the public’s forgiveness.

The first major issue that was covered on this day’s episode was of the time Daesung (appeared on Healing Camp and) showed his gratefulness and sorriness, “At the funeral, the family of the deceased got very angry with me. However, the aunt and older brother of the victim came to me personally after some time had passed. They told me, ‘We cannot changed what has already happened and we do not want you leaving what you have behind. We want to see you working harder and smiling on television more often.’”

But regarding this situation, Entertainment Relay’s staff was able to personally meet the mother of the deceased and asked about it. The mother responded, “He (Daesung) never even came near here (the house). Even at the funeral, we couldn’t even see his face,” and that Daesung had shown up for one of the funeral days, but never even met up with the victim’s parents.

Accordingly, many viewers of tonight’s episode have been commenting, “So what if he didn’t see them? It wasn’t his fault and he didn’t want to purposely kill the man.” And in regards to the settlement money, the parents stated, “We have not gotten any.” With the parents living through hardship in a poor environment, it saddened the viewers as they were watching them throughout this interview.

On one hand, Daesung was acquitted for the accident and had released announcements of a new drama production only after four months. G-Dragon had also continued to film television advertisements even after his marijuana controversy.

Some arguments are being made that they are taking advantage of the suspension of indictment and acquittance that were given upon them.

Currently, 63.6% of South Korea has taken a poll that Big Bang’s comeback is still too early.


This has upset many fans (not just VIPs). They are saying that KBS is just making up numbers and that they are comparing G- Dragon to more serious crimes. They also ignore other facts just to attack the Big Bang members (Daesung and G-Dragon). Also, many fans are stating that it is a known fact that KBS and YG do not get along. Therefore, the President of KBS purposely did this to tarnish the boys upon their comeback.

Source: Nate
Translation: swaggalevel-1000.tumblr.com

Read more: http://www.bigbangupdates.com/2012/02/kbs-entertainment-relay-big-bang.html#ixzz1nQbE7fIp

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