Shannon To Officially Make Her Solo Debut + MV Teaser


Shannon, after 5 years of training, will officially be making her solo debut under MBK Entertainment, formerly known as Core Contents Media.

MBK Entertainment has announced the singer’s debut through the teaser image above, along will the numbers 1, 29, and 30. The meaning behind these numbers will be revealed soon the agency has said.

When speaking of her debut, MBK Entertainment has stated, “Unlike the expectations that Shannon will be debuting with songs that mostly show off her singing skills, she will be trying songs that combine ballad music with urban dance performances.  Her debut track is a song that well mixes an acoustic arrangement in the first verse and a strong and showy arrangement in the second.” Her debut track will be a ballad titled, “Early Morning Rain.”  It has also been revealed that Shannon has been working with choreographer Ian Eastwood on the choreography for her debut single.

A teaser for the MV has also been released! It shows Shannon during her first appearance on Star King and time lapses to present day. It also hints at the melody of the song as well as the choreography. Take a look at the teaser below!